What Recruiters Can Do for Your Nonprofit

Your business has just started up and is ready to hire employees, or you’ve just had an expansion which created several jobs needing filling. Not only have you just helped boost the local economy, but you now have the great responsibility of hiring talented individuals to fill the positions your company just created.

But why waste precious company time and create person stress by undergoing the hassle of doing so yourself? Instead, try hiring nonprofit recruiters to undertake the arduous task.

Recruiters can find the perfect candidates for your company’s positions. They will ensure the people hired will not only fulfill the skillset you desire for the open position, but that applicants also share the company’s morals, values, and message. They will equip your business with the right individuals to propel your business into a successful, prosperous future.

When hiring a recruiter to fill your company’s position, make sure you tell them exactly what you are looking for in candidates. This is a crucial step in ensuring the recruiters will work best for you. Some pertinent details to include during your initial meeting are:

nonprofit recruiters

-What are your company’s core values or message?

-What products or services does your company provide, and to whom?

-What do you feel makes your company special, and/or sets it apart from other companies?

-What is the position title(s) you are seeking to fill?

-What skills, education, or training are mandatory for that position?

-Which skills would you prefer your candidates to also have, but would be willing to train for if they did not? (i.e. if you prefer someone bilingual or with computer skills, but it isn’t necessary.)

Once your recruiter has this pertinent information in hand, they can move forward in finding your company it’s next all-star employee.